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Our Moms are passionate about raising healthy and happy families. They join our community not only to connect with other like-minded Moms, but to learn about and discover better-for-you products and services. These women are leaders and change agents in their communities, both online and offline. Many of our them lead in-person meetings with a group of other local Moms to try and review products.

They appreciate the opportunity to express their opinions and have an impact on the the goods and services that they bring to their families. When you envision a woman taking your items off the store shelf and putting them in her shopping cart, or browsing your online offerings—that’s a Moms Meet and KIWI Mom.

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Mom Ambassadors leading in-person Moms Meet groups

1.7 million+

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Activate our highly connected and influential Moms to create authentic content and social buzz around your product. Generate brand awareness, trial, and sales, and earn thousands of online Product Reviews.


Introduce your brand to Mom Ambassadors, Influencers, and Bloggers in dynamic live-event settings. Connect one-on-one with our highly-networked and enthusiastic moms to create valuable long-lasting relationships.


Leverage the power of our responsive and engaged audience that is eager to help better-for-you brands succeed. Our custom market research studies provide exceptional, actionable insights from authentic, real-world Moms.


Growing families the natural and organic way, KIWI is the leader in the health-minded parenting movement. Expose your product to our readers through ads, advertorials, sponsored content, and more.

We help parents raise healthy and happy families

Since 2006, May Media Group, LLC has been helping families raise their children and enjoy their lives in the healthiest way possible. As a leading resource of health-minded Moms and proven expertise in the better-for-you product space, we know Moms better than anyone else in the industry. We offer a full range of marketing, product sampling, live event, digital advertising, and consumer insights services in the United States and Canada through our three brands: Moms Meet, KIWI, and WOW Events.

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