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by May Media

Now more than ever, moms are seeking out product reviews and recommendations from other moms before buying products, especially those related to their children. While word-of-mouth marketing and online reviews have been around for a long time, studies show that the new generation of Millennials entering motherhood relies increasingly on peer reviews as opposed to traditional advertising. One survey reveals that moms value reviews 12 times more than they do the manufacturer’s product details when making a purchase, according to eMarketer.1
In general, shoppers as a whole are relying more on reviews when deciding what to buy. A reported 95% of shoppers turn to product reviews before taking the plunge, according to The Power of Reviews survey from 2016.2 BrightLocal also reports that 84% of people trust these online reviews as they would a recommendation from someone they know.3
This increased importance of user-generated reviews outweighs marketing tactics of the past because they offer an authentic, first person perspective on what it’s actually like to own the product in real life. No gimmicks, no slick wording, just the experiences of an actual person. If brands truly want to evolve with the times and continue to succeed in their respective competitive markets, it’s imperative that they embrace product reviews by including them in their marketing plans.
There are, of course, brands that already do this through their own ecommerce sites but many are missing the opportunity to take it a step further. Incorporating reviews from third party websites can add even more value by painting a different picture for consumers who see these reviews as less biased than those hosted on a company’s website. According to BabyCenter’s The 21st Century Mom™, “73 percent [of moms] feel they find trustworthy information about products and services through online communities focused on their specific interests such as parenting.”4
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That’s why Moms Meet, with our new website launch, has created a robust product review section. Through it, we are able to showcase our brand partners and offer the public access to essential reviews generated from our 62,000 strong community of health-minded moms. Brands that are participating in a Moms Meet sampling program are receiving as many as 900+ reviews, often exceeding reviews on popular retail sites like Amazon,, and more. This has been something that our moms have wanted for a long time. Now that their post-sampling reviews are public, the feature has been a resounding hit for moms and brands, alike.
Researchers have also been able to quantify how product reviews translate into sales. According to a study by Bazaarvoice, revenue increases as a result of the presence of product reviews by 62% per online visit. These product reviews offer fresh content about the product, which allows them a higher placement in Google’s ranking algorithm.5 The Moms Meet Product Review section, although relatively new, has already made an impact in these regards. Recent Google searches for product reviews have placed many of the products featured on our website on the first page and often within the top five google searches for that type of product.
In a field like parenting where transparency and trusted information matters, our reviews offer consumers a real voice and brands invaluable insight into their needs. This allows for better quality products and higher customer satisfaction—two things all parties involved can surely get behind.

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