Show the World that You're a Mom-Approved Brand

by May Media

The Moms Meet Seal of Approval is awarded to products that Moms Meet group members rate above category norms and for which at least 75% of group members feel is a good candidate for the seal. Once awarded, the seal can be used on packaging, in communications, advertising, etc.
In addition, Moms Meet announces Seal of Approval winners to all the Moms Meet and KIWI audiences as well as through publicity to other media organizations. The application for the program is included with Sampling Programs using at least 1,000 Mom Ambassadors.
The Moms Meet Seal of Approval can help set a product apart from the competition as well as let moms everywhere know that it is a mom-approved brand. There is a nominal licensing fee for use of the seal on packaging and in advertising, websites, press releases, etc.  Additional details on the program can be provided upon request.


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