What's Trending for Millennial Moms New Year's Resolutions?

by May Media

Moms Meet recently surveyed our mom community to find out what resolutions are important to them as they embark on the new year. While many resolutions hit the usual notes that we’ve become familiar with year after year, others interestingly seemed to emerge from new lifestyle and health trends that could take the mainstage in the years to come.
After talking with our moms, we found that over 6 in 10 are resolving to eat healthier as a family. Half of our moms hope to cook and prepare more meals at home, eat together as a family, and spend more time together, in general, including taking that much-needed family vacation. When it comes to what’s on the table at mealtime, natural foods topped the list. Organic products and superfoods like chia, hemp seeds, avocados, kale, and green tea also proved to be similarly important to many moms. Of the rising trends, a whopping 57% of moms want to reduce their family’s sugar intake. With natural sweeteners claiming their space in the mass market along with readily available studies on the harmful effects of too much sugar, this piece makes sense.
Given the pervasive nature of technology and the increased dependency on it, it’s encouraging to see that almost half of our moms are resolving to get their kids to put down the devices. In its place, moms wish their kids would head outdoors for some good old-fashioned playtime. The art of reading is surely not lost either, as 46% of moms hope to read more with their children in the coming year.

The push for health also extends to personal care and household cleaning products. Almost 4 in 10 moms want to swap out their current brands for more eco-friendly, natural, and organic ones.
When it comes to personal goals, our moms expressed the desire to become healthier as a top priority for 2017. Over 6 out of 10 moms wish to eat healthier, exercise more, and manage their weight. We live in an era where home improvement shows rule the television landscape and the house flipping craze has caught on like wildfire. Therefore, it’s only natural, albeit unique amongst the health and wellness goals, that home improvement and organization has topped the list. What’s surprising is that this resolution comes in ahead of having more “me time” and spending more time with spouses or partners.
Still, with better health as an overwhelming goal for both mom and family, it will be interesting to see how these resolutions affect consumer habits and brand strategy in the year to come. To see the full results of the Moms Meet New Year’s Resolution Survey please read on below.

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