4 Reasons Why Facebook Live Matters for Brands

by May Media

Since it’s launch, Facebook Live has become a game changer in the world of social media. Its live, streaming video capabilities have been utilized by brands, news outlets, top celebrities, and influencers around the world. Brands, in particular, should take advantage of this powerful way to connect with followers and create new ones from Facebook’s database of 1.7 billion users. Here’s why:
1- Facebook Live allows for instant feedback and communication
Facebook Live is an effective way to conduct a Q&A session or gather feedback from your customer base. Through live video, brands can interact in real time, give follow-up information, monitor response trends, and return genuine appreciation and excitement that can’t truly be achieved through traditional text communication.
2- Brands can educate en masse
When you want to share information, create a tutorial, or show product use, Facebook Live is a way to break free from lengthy, confusing paragraphs and high-cost video production. Creating studio-quality videos can be extremely costly and time consuming. Pushing content out with your phone, allows for an easy and inexpensive alternative for brands to reach their extensive consumer base all at once. Plus, you’ll see live if something you’ve explained isn’t quite clear, allowing you the ability to immediately clarify.
3- Facebook Live gives your brand a face
Human connection is key to consumer loyalty, especially in today’s world where many people base their purchases not just on obvious product detailing but on the mission behind the product. Facebook Live allows you to nurture this relationship and share this vision in a way that is both immediate and enduring. Other platforms fall short here. While Snapchat and Instagram also allow you to share live video, the videos are not permanent and do not allow for live commenting.

Whether your brand wants to show a light and humorous tone with some behind-the-scenes footage, or allow followers access to your events from home, Facebook Live is a way to essentially forge an authentic connection. This bond suprasses that of traditional Facebook posts, as well. According to a study by Social Bakers, when compared with photo posts, a video generates 135% greater organic reach. When a user comments or participates in your Facebook Live, their followers are notified and intrigued to follow along, offering a natural way to gain new customers.
4-  Early adopters get a leg up on the competition
While Facebook Live is quickly gaining popularity, not all brands are utilizing it just yet. Social media users expect brands to evolve with the emerging technologies offered. Whether it’s due to a lack of time, knowledge, or understanding of the benefits, being an early adopter can be the deciding factor for your customers who want to connect in a more authentic way before your competitors catch up to the new platform.
Moms Meet Goes Live
Moms Meet recently hosted a Facebook Live event for World’s Best Cat Litter, a naturally absorbent corn-based litter, at the Animal Welfare Association in Voorhees, New Jersey. With two well-prepared hosts seated inside a cat play-room, Moms Meet was able to effectively educate our community of health-minded moms on the benefits of the litter. Moms could see in real time how easy it was to maneuver the bags without questioning staging. They could also see the curious cats go right up to it. Hundreds of comments poured in with everything from questions, personal testimonials, and appreciation for the video itself, thus facilitating valuable exposure for the brand.

There are many realistic considerations before pressing the “go live” button on your Facebook page. While followers don’t expect Facebook Live videos to be absolutely perfect, here are some things to consider:

  • Proper lighting
  • A professional, quiet, and eye-pleasing background
  • Comfortable hosts who thrive on public speaking
  • Off-camera assistance to record and monitor comments
  • Strong internet connection to prevent connection loss
  • Time dedication to promotion
  • High attendance and active audience

Facebook Live is just that—live. There are no pauses or do-overs. A host using the wrong language, a co-worker accidentally walking on the set, or just plain fumbling over product information, can be devastating and lead to a PR fail.
That’s why Moms Meet offers an elite production experience for our clients, to take the worry out of going live. Our Facebook Live events successfully reach tens of thousands of moms, influencers, and bloggers. Each Facebook Live is built around a pre-approved script that ensures a seamless broadcast. Plus, Moms Meet coordinates all the publicity leading up to your Facebook Live event to ensure the most attendance and participation.

Want to go live with us? Contact us, advertise@maymediagroup.com to learn how.


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