Moms Meet Test Kitchen Case Study: La Terra Fina

by May Media

“We are very happy with the work that was done through this program. The execution was smooth and commutation was clear. Key for us and this product was the report. We received a comprehensive report as well as open ended comments by the testing moms. We are in the process of making adjustments to our product and have great confidence that the information provided puts our product in the best possible position for success.” – Stephanie Robbins

What is the Moms Meet Test Kitchen?
Moms Meet™ Test Kitchen℠ is a unique program that offers brands the opportunity to test their products with authentic home cooks before they go to market. The Moms Meet Test Kitchen teams consist of an elite group of Mom Ambassadors who are experienced in making recipes for product reviews and providing detailed commentary on the products they test. Brands can use this feedback to reformulate existing products, launch new products, modify ingredients, change packaging, and more. Best of all, the program provides sponsors with an ongoing source of real-world cooks at their fingertips, providing actual home-use testing in a timely, affordable manner.
Background on La Terra Fina:
Since 1983, La Terra Fina has been creating wholesome and delicious quiches, dips, and spreads that reflect the rich culture of the San Francisco Bay Area. La Terra Fina recently developed a new product and was interested in exploring consumer usage prior to the product’s launch.
La Terra Fina enlisted May Media Group, LLC’s Moms Meet™ Test Kitchen℠ Panel to provide an in-depth evaluation of their new product. Objectives were:

  1. To guide product naming, positioning, and packaging design by obtaining understanding of product usage and recipe applications, and general product rating information.
  2. To understand and leverage purchase drivers.

In addition, all selected participants were required to keep all information and opinions about the product and sampling experience private and confidential (i.e., no social media sharing or posts).
At the end of the review period, La Terra Fina received a comprehensive report including category usage, product rating, purchase intent and purchase barriers. La Terra Fina learned how moms were actually using the product, including following packaging directions and using the product in recipes. Test Kitchen Mom Ambassadors also provided detailed information which allowed La Terra Fina to see exactly what was working for the product and what improvements might boost purchase intent before the brand went to retail with their product.
The new La Terra Fina product was well liked by the Moms Meet Test Kitchen panel. They came up with new uses and recipe applications for the product and had helpful advice on packaging. La Terra Fina also gained valuable insights on product positioning and labeling and suggestions that could help ensure the product’s success at retail.

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