How Blogger Campaigns Translate to Sales: A Case Study

by May Media

“This is our 3rd partnership with Moms Meet and we couldn’t be happier with the community. Our opportunity to reach like-minded moms and their audiences has been a great experience and we look forward to continuing our relationship with May Media Group & Moms Meet.”    – Andre Walker, prAna Brand Engagement & Partnerships.

Cutting through the competition to reach potential loyal consumers requires an organic approach that fosters an authentic connection between brand and customer. Recruiting influential bloggers to become your devoted messengers and virtual fanclub is an effective strategy to achieve these lofty goals. According to Social Media Examiner, through a targeted blogger partnership, brands can boost exposure (especially with the inclusion of a giveaway component), increase the potential of sales, and drive conversion. Moms Meet recently ran a highly successful blogger program with sustainable clothing and lifestyle brand, prAna. We’ve laid out the specifics in our case study below to offer some insight on this successful campaign.
What is the Moms Meet Blog Ambassador Program?
The Moms Meet Blog Ambassador Program is a network of over 2,400 bloggers who are interested in trying, reviewing, and educating their audience on “better-for-you” products. Our Blog Ambassadors are Moms who often write about topics including family, lifestyle, health & wellness, fitness, and more. Our influential Blog Ambassadors review products on their blog and share them on their social networks.
Background on prAna:
prAna, an ancient Sanskrit word for breath, life, and vitality of the spirit, started out in 1992 making clothing that worked well for climbing and yoga. It turned out that the clothing worked well for lots of other passions too, so prAna added new products with “purpose” in mind and scoured the world for design inspiration. prAna creates versatile, stylish, and sustainable clothing and accessories that you can wear during every activity, every adventure, every day.
prAna enlisted May Media Group, LLC’s Moms Meet Blog Ambassador Program to recruit 35 bloggers to try prAna sustainable clothing and write about their experience on their blog and social media. Objectives:

  1.     Brand awareness – Each Blog Ambassador was able to choose one prAna outfit and was given educational information about the brand and products they received. Blog ambassadors shared this information, as well as first hand experiences about the product, with their audience.
  2.     Referral Traffic – Bloggers were tasked with reviewing their favorite prAna outfit to their following on their blog and social channels.

At the end of the review period, prAna received a report which included the total campaign impressions, all blog urls, and social media posts. Our moms also posted reviews to the prAna Product Review page on Moms Meet. The total campaign impressions came to over 6,400,000. Through the Moms Meet Blog Ambassador campaign prAna saw a significant increase in traffic to their site, as well as a sales lift and positive ROI. Specifically, the resulting increase in traffic to both the specific outfit PDP’s (Product Detail Pages) and was significant.
Blog Ambassadors selected for the campaign shared thoughtful, honest reviews about the brand and products on their blogs and social media. The Moms Meet Blog Ambassador Program was able to create brand awareness among some of prAna’s target demographics, which aided in multiple increases on the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for the brand.
Check out a few of the most successful blogger partnerships from this program:

“I had never heard of them until this year and I have fallen in love with them quickly. Part of their mission is to give back more than they take from the world. I love that! I think we should all adopt that slogan.” – Bree Courtney of Bree Talks

“I also opted for the Stellan Tunic in winter, which is a bit on the plainer side, but I couldn’t resist the cozy look with the longer and slightly flared sleeves and hem. It’s soft, comfortable, and made of sustainable materials – sounds like a win to me!” – Kristen Harbulak of
Exploring Domesticity

“I’ve been a fan of prAna for a long time now as I love their sustainable practices and their durable, functional and fashionable clothing. prAna uses sustainable materials like organic cotton, hemp and recycled poly along with Fair Trade, and support Renewable Energy initiatives, which I really admire.” – Amber Batishill of Mommy Gone Healthy

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