4 Crucial Steps to Picking the Right Influencer for Your Brand

by May Media

As humans, it’s in our nature to crave connection and authenticity. These factors also tend to play a big role in our decision-making and purchasing practices. With the rise of influencer marketing, brands are looking to capitalize on this. The heyday of traditional advertising has passed. In it’s place, influencer campaigns via social channels have taken over, allowing for more organic engagement, increased web traffic, and a higher lift in sales. According to MarketingTech, influencer campaigns offer 16 times more engagement than traditional marketing or paid media campaigns. Similarly, influencer marketing creates higher engagement than brand posts do while costing three times less.
Influencer marketing, although well established, still has room to grow. According to The State of Influencer Marketing 2017, 48% of brands will reportedly expand their influencer marketing budget for 2017. While brands embark on new influencer campaigns, finding the right influencer is key to their success. There are numerous factors to consider when searching for a brand’s best match that depend on campaign size, budget, objectives, and more. Before starting, brands should consider these universal guidelines to create an effective campaign.
Do not underestimate the power of the micro-influencer
A micro-influencer is someone with a smaller, yet passionate and engaged following. They are active and educated in a given industry and their followers look to them for expertise in the field. This can be much more valuable for a brand than an influencer with a larger following but no focus, as your campaign runs the risk of not connecting with the audience. According to entrepreneur.com, “Micro-influencers have smaller, niche-focused audiences, which allows them to really understand what makes their followers tick.” Therefore, their posts can be more organic and authentic and less promotional, allowing for greater action from the follower.  
Know your target audience
Your target audience should also be your influencer’s audience. The influencer’s role is to create credibility around your brand for the people you want to attract to it. They have a relationship and common interest with their audience; it’s this commonality that alleviates skepticism that traditional advertising might face. According to Social Media Examiner, using influencers allows a brand to tap into an audience that may otherwise be desensitized to ads or even block ads from their devices.
Creative content is key
People flock to and engage with a certain influencer because of their content. An effective influencer will have visually appealing images and graphics. They will naturally weave their personality and voice into the topic in a way that is authentic, relatable, and entertaining. They will inspire action in their followers that can greatly affect your campaign objectives whether it be by growing your social audience, joining a member program, or lifting sales.
Since quality content matters for establishing credibility, it would be wise for brands to steer clear of users who only post about freebies without any subject matter content. Ideally, a healthy mix of both client specific and personal posts establishes authenticity. Brands should also take note of how often the influencer is posting, as regularity lends itself to engagement. Likewise, both parties should agree on how long the partner post stays live. Posts that do a quick disappearing act might not get you the engagement you need.
Engagement matters most
It’s important not to get swept away by a high following, as this alone does not necessarily deliver success. With the ability to buy followers, quantity does not equate to quality. Brands should look for influencers who inspire engagement from their followers, lead them to act, and convert them into a fan of your brand. According to Linqia, “Eighty-one percent of marketers cite engagement as their top metric for measuring influencer marketing success, followed by 62% who analyze the amount and quality of traffic driven to their website.”
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