Using Coupons that Generate Results

by May Media

Couponing is a tried and true promotional vehicle that brands and moms love. However, not all coupon programs are effective in achieving their goals. Targeting the right consumer with the right offer are important elements that can make or break a program. When executed strategically, coupon promotions can increase sales, build a new loyal customer base, and for past customers, rekindle interest in a product.
The Moms Meet Coupon Center delivers coupons to our Millennial-mom audience with high-performance results. Many brands have achieved success through a targeted coupon campaign with Moms Meet. Often they choose to supplement their Moms Meet Group Sampling Program with a cents-off coupon in the Moms Meet Coupon Center to encourage trial of the brand among the entire Moms Meet audience.
Objectives like brand awareness and sales lift have proven central to all Moms Meet coupon campaigns. Companies use the Moms Meet coupon as a means of creating awareness of the product among Moms who were not part of their Sampling Program, and encouraging repeat purchase among those moms who had already tried the product. Moms are exposed to the coupons in the Coupon Center, which is available online and via mobile devices, and its companion bi-weekly newsletter. 
See what some of our brands had to say about their past Moms Meet coupon promotions.
“Hosting the digital coupon on Moms Meet allowed us to offer an incentive exclusively for families within the Moms Meet network. In addition to rewarding Moms in the program with a discount off their next purchase, it also gave us the opportunity to reach Moms who weren’t able to participate in our sampling program but were still interested in trying our product. Our coupon redeemed at 50%—wow!” Julie Liu, Associate Consumer Promotions Manager Clif Bar & Company
“Our Moms Meet program is geo-targeted, so offering a digital coupon was a great way to encourage trial among Moms who were interested in our brand but not offered the chance to host parties.” (Note: The Lightlife coupon had a redemption rate of 44%.)  Brad Lahrman, Director of Marketing, Lightlife
“Our Moms Meet digital coupon gave us a redemption of 64%! Thirty percent is the highest we’ve seen on a general coupon, so Moms Meet coupons are definitely a good spend!”  Russell Radebaugh, Senior Brand Manager, Suja 

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