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Reach our powerful community of influential, health-minded moms and bloggers who are interested in learning about better-for-you products and services.
Our Mom Ambassadors are the influencers and change agents in their communities. They are the moms every company wants talking about their product because they’re active, passionate leaders who provide information to other moms through blogs, social networks, mom groups, and more. These influential moms will not only try your products and give you their opinions, but will become part of your fan base, spreading your message to their broad networks.
Sponsorship Opportunities

  • Product Reviews: Our Mom Ambassadors will try and review your products with their local group of moms and provide feedback through surveys, photos, and online conversations.
  • Blogger Program: Our influential Mom Bloggers will review your product on their blog and share on their social networks. We reach over 21,000,000 people through our network.
  • Influencer Program: Our Mom Ambassadors with large social media followings will talk about your brand through a series of social actions to generate social buzz around your products.
  • Social Media Parties: Talk with moms directly about your brand on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram during these exciting online events.canada-feature
  • Brand Champions: Mobilize your strongest brand advocates and send them on special missions to deliver coupons and samples in their local community.
  • Digital Advertising: Run banner ads on the Moms Meet website and/or in the monthly e-newsletters.
  • Dedicated E-blast: Promote your brand with a dedicated E-blast to our large database of moms.
  • Digital Coupons: Drive sales with our moms for existing and new products year-round with our high redeeming print-at-home coupons.
  • Webinars: Educate moms about your brand and products.
  • WOW Summit: Introduce our Mom Ambassadors and bloggers to your brand in this live annual event.
  • Rewards Program: Accomplish your brand’s objectives through a guided online tour of your website, social media, coupons, and more!
  • Moms Meet Test Kitchen: Our panel of moms will test formulations, recipes, ingredient changes, package directions, and more.
  • Moms Meet Test Panel: Moms Meet Mom Ambassadors can help brands explore new products and varieties, new concepts, positioning statements, packaging, and more, through our private, quantitative Mom Ambassador Test Panel research.

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