How Influencer Campaigns Create Social Media Buzz and Authentic User-Generated Content

by Maureen Frost


“Working with Moms Meet is a no-brainer for any consumer products brand looking to bolster awareness and engagement amongst an influential set of household decision makers. The team at May Media Group, LLC. makes everything super easy for the client. With their extensive suite of programs, they offer both pre-packaged activation options and custom solutions to meet the goals and metrics of your brief.”  – Billy Allen, Marketing Director, UnReal

Brands have flocked to influencer marketing campaigns because they allow for more organic engagement, increased web traffic, and a higher lift in sales than traditional advertising. According to MarketingTech, influencer campaigns offer 16 times more engagement than traditional marketing or paid media campaigns. Similarly, influencer marketing creates higher engagement than brand posts do while costing three times less. Moms Meet recently ran a successful influencer campaign with UnReal chocolate snacks, the details of which are laid out below.
What is the Moms Meet Influencer Program?
The Moms Meet Influencer Program leverages the social media power of our most socially savvy and influential moms, carefully chosen from our community of 65,000 Mom Ambassadors.  Not only does each Mom Ambassador lead an in-person group, many also have large social media followings. Moms Meet influencers are asked to perform specific actions through their social channels on behalf of brands and leave a product review on
Background on UnReal:
UnReal is on a mission to prove that your kids’ favorite snacks don’t need to be made with junk to taste great.  With all the taste of your favorite chocolates, UnReal offers treats like peanut butter cups and chocolate crispy quinoa gems, without the bad stuff. All UnReal snacks are made with organic, non-GMO, Fair Trade Certified, and sustainable ingredients and no artificial colors or flavors. With less than 6 grams of sugar per serving, little ones can enjoy a sweet treat without the sugar crash.
UnReal enlisted May Media Group, LLC’s Moms Meet Influencer Program to recruit 30 influencers to try UnReal chocolate snacks and create excitement around the brand on social media leading up to Halloween. Objectives:

  1. Brand Awareness— Each influencer received the product to try with instructions to share a photo of their child eating Unreal chocolate snacks on Instagram or Facebook using a special hashtag.
  2. Social Media Reach— Influencers were asked to post a photo of the UnReal chocolate snacks or share a video to promote a contest where participants had the opportunity to meet Tom Brady.
  3. Retail Promotion— Influencers were asked to tag Whole Foods Market and other key retailers where UnReal has distribution in their social posts.

Following their campaign, UnReal received a report which included total impressions and a compilation of social media posts and accompanying stats. Moms also shared authentic opinions on the Unreal Product Review Page on UnReal’s single campaign with only 30 influencers totaled over 8,215,800 social media impressions.
Check out a few of the successful social media posts showcasing UnReal and their key retail partners for this program:
social posts

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