Survey Results Database Helps Brands Interpret Consumer Feedback and Make Decisions

by Sylvia Baker
consumer insights

Among other data that’s collected by Moms Meet, a comprehensive database of survey results from all Group Sampling Programs is maintained. This data is used to give clients a context for understanding and interpreting the consumer feedback they receive about their own products. 

When key product performance metrics are shown alongside comparable category performance metrics, brands can better see where action may be needed. In the absence of absolute action standards, comparative information can provide the objective criteria brands need to make decisions and grow their business. Unlike most custom or syndicated data that brands have access to, Moms Meet normative data provides a unique perspective on performance.

To illustrate the benefit of providing comparative data, consider this example from a Probiotic Coffee Group Sampling Program. Chart 1 shows that the Top2Box results for the key product performance metric of “Likelihood to purchase” is 90%. This chart invites the question “What does this mean? Is 90% good? Bad? Average?

chart 1

(Chart 1)

Chart 2 demonstrates that by providing comparative data, the Top2Box Purchase Intent of 90% can be interpreted as “Very good”, as it exceeds the Top2Box Purchase Intent ratings averaged across 51 sampling programs across three comparable product categories. Being able to interpret the “Likelihood to purchase” as “Very good” gave the brand the confidence they needed to approach a particular brick-and-mortar retailer in which they were seeking to gain distribution.

Chart 2

(Chart 2)

Moms Meet Group Sampling Program Feedback reports provide brands with extensive data on the category they operate in, brand familiarity, product rating, purchase intent, attributes and more. The combination of this data with ten years of normative data offers brands the context that they need to make informed decisions to help grow their brands. 

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