How NOT to run your focus group

by Moms Meet

Are you making decisions about new products based on authentic feedback from your key consumers before you go to market? If you do focus groups, do the participants show up because you’re providing a costly monetary incentive? Does the conversation flow freely and provide the answers you’re looking for, or does it seem staged? Just for laughs, here’s a funny video on how NOT to run your focus group.

If you want real feedback from real Moms, we can help. Moms Meet Moms want to be involved in having an impact on products and services by providing their honest opinions. Because our Moms are members of a community specifically interested in trying and learning about better-for-you products, they are known, reliable entities. And, they are genuinely interested in helping your brand succeed.

Whether you’re looking to do product or concept testingrecipe development, recipe testing, quantitative or qualitative research, packaging, brand messaging, or answer other burning questions, we can assist. With over a decade of experience and an extensive database spanning most major categories in mom-focused and healthy lifestyle spaces, we also provide insights based on category norms.

Simply put, if you want to know Moms, you need to know us. Contact us for more information.

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