How Brands Can Use Video to Reach an Audience of Highly Engaged Moms

by Annie Douglass
Mom Lab case study

Millennials are the highest users of social media amongst all generations, with 86% active participants, according to Pew Research. Interestingly, once millennial women become moms—a population that continues to grow—their time on the platforms tends to increase. The reasons are simple. Millennial moms turn to social media seeking parenting advice in the wee hours of the night, after they’ve put their children to bed, to build their mom community, and to scour product recommendations from trusted sources. 

So what type of content does virtually every millennial mom consume on these platforms? The answer: video. According to Native Advertising, 96% watch mobile video on a regular basis. Over a quarter of these moms watch more than one hour per day. The three most popular channels for our Moms Meet Moms to watch video content on are Facebook (86%), Instagram (64%), and YouTube (34%). 

And they, along with the general public, are connecting with video content from brands. In fact, video is the most favorable content type for consumers from brands on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. According to a recent study from Animoto on the state of social video, brand or product-related videos regularly influence purchase decisions for them. This is an exciting revelation for companies frustrated by the ever-evolving algorithms that tend to make or break their organic visibility on platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

The takeaway for brands who are trying to reach the millennial mom audience? Video content should be a critical part of your brand’s marketing strategy. Whether you’re telling your brand story, educating consumers about key product benefits and features, or sharing testimonials, videos are proven to help convert sales. As an example of how powerful video content can be, here’s a case study of three recent Moms Meet video campaigns.

EXAMPLE 1: Gut Connection by Country Life

Objective: Introduce Moms to the health benefits of taking prebiotic supplements and provide education around the issue of gut health.

Solution: Our Moms Meet staff put Gut Connection by Country Life to the test to see how they felt after adding prebiotics to their routine. Our staff member’s honest feedback captured on camera was then turned into the video What Happened When We Tried Prebiotics for Two Weeks.

Result: 11.2K video views, 22.5K reached. Combined with the Moms Meet Blogger program, this campaign overall earned 5.5 million potential impressions.

EXAMPLE 2: Color Garden Pastels Pure Natural Food Colors

Objective: Showcase the natural food colors in a variety of creative use-cases. 

Solution: Piggybacking on a popular unicorn trend, we created 3 Unicorn Recipes featuring Color Garden using the product in three different ways. Not only did our concept showcase the versatility and quality of the food colors, but it also provided shareworthy evergreen branded content.

Result: 16K video views, 37K reached. Combined with the Moms Meet Group Sampling program, this campaign overall earned over 13.4 million potential impressions.

EXAMPLE 3: Athletic Greens Ultimate Daily

Objective: Make a product more appealing and relatable to Moms.

Solution: Athletic Greens, creator of Athletic Greens Ultimate Daily, an all-in-one health drink traditionally marketed to athletes, wanted to prove how much Moms could benefit from this type of nutrition, too. Our team created a highly shareable video that resonated with our Mom audience while maintaining the athletic theme. 5 Ways Moms Are Like Professional Athletes cleverly highlighted the similarities between athletes and Moms while empowering them to acknowledge the herculean feats they go to each day. 

Result: 9.5K video views, 24K reached. Combined with the Moms Meet Group Sampling program, this campaign overall earned over 19.9 million potential impressions.

About Moms Meet Mom Lab Videos

As experts in video creation, we engage millennial moms in a unique and authentic way. Our Mom Lab Video Series features our in-house team of moms who test your product, talk about the benefits, and recommend buying. 

Through extensive digital and social promotion, we share your video content with our entire Moms Meet audience, giving it immediate traction. Typical campaigns deliver 550K impressions with estimated video views between 10-30K. You can also use the video on your brand’s website, e-commerce site, and on social media. 

Want the Moms Meet Studio to create a custom video for your brand or product? Contact us to learn more.

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