6 Ways Moms Meet Builds Consumer Loyalty

by Maureen Frost
Building customer loyalty

Building consumer loyalty is one of the biggest challenges for marketers today. With the influx of new products and changing consumer preferences, it’s difficult for brands to not only attract new users but to keep them long term. Yet, despite the challenges, the importance of building a loyal base cannot be understated. Research from the Customer Service Institute shows that 65% of a brand’s revenue comes from existing customers. Likewise, if a company is able to increase their retention by just 5% it will increase profits by 25–95% says analysis from Bain & Company and Earl Sasser of Harvard Business School. So how do brands grow a loyal following? 

One of the key foundations of Moms Meet is our ability to not only create awareness, trial and immediate usage of the products our moms try, but to nurture a loyal franchise for the brand and parent company (scroll down for case studies). We do that through: 

1). Integrity

Moms Meet only brings our moms products that we’d use for our own families. All of our brands are prescreened for ingredients, sustainability measures, quality, and beyond. It has been our mission since 2006 to help parents raise their children the healthiest way possible. Every division of May Media Group, LLC and brand we choose to partner with upholds these values.

2). Trust

With so much information (and misinformation) out there, our audience trusts Moms Meet to bring them the best products for their lives. Backed by the editorial foundation of KIWI magazine… Growing families the natural and organic way, our programs are guided by the latest research and expert knowledge in the parenting and health and wellness fields.

3). Education

We educate our members on the products and services we present to them so that they can feel empowered to make the right choices for their families. Our guidance goes beyond the products and digs deeper into who the companies are and what they stand for. Because of this, moms regularly look to us first to learn about the latest and greatest healthy products on the market. 

4). Community

Wherever moms are congregating, Moms Meet is there, connecting an international community of health-minded women who share a passion for raising healthy and happy families. Whether they take part in in-person Group Sampling Programs, attend our live WOW Events, or join our frequent Social Media Parties, our moms see us as their partners in parenting. 

5). Product Reviews

According to an eMarketer survey, moms value reviews 12 times more than they do the manufacturer’s product details when making a purchase. The Moms Meet website offers a directory of trusted products with thousands of product reviews from all of the brands that we have worked with over the last 10+ years. Moms come to our database knowing they’ll receive honest feedback on trusted products from other health-minded parents. 

6). Trial

Our Sampling, Blogger, and Influencer Programs offer members the ability to try products in a no-pressure environment with their friends, family, or by themselves. Moms know that when they take part in a Moms Meet Sampling Program, they can expect consistency in the quality of products and services they try, which keeps them coming back again and again. This method also allows brands to sidestep the challenges of getting new customers in the first place by offering them a free opportunity to try their goods and services. 

We followed up with our moms on several of the brands that have worked with us on a continuity basis, and the results were crystal clear. These brands not only achieved the goals of their Sampling Programs but developed loyal consumers that continued to purchase their products long after the Sampling Programs were over. Additionally, these moms and their group members went on to purchase other products the company made.

Consumer Loyalty Case Studies

Bob’s Red Mill Follow-up Study

Based on 11 Moms Meet programs over 7 years

  • 82% of Mom Ambassadors and 87% of their participating group members have purchased the product that they tried since they first sampled the product with their groups. 78% have purchased in the past 12 months.
  • 40% are buying additional Bob’s Red Mill products that they did not sample with their groups.
  • 79% of moms who buy Bob’s Red Mill products say it’s because they learned about it from Moms Meet.

Dr. Bronner’s Follow-up Study

Based on 7 Moms Meet programs over 4 years

  • 68% of Mom Ambassadors and 82% of their participating group members have purchased the product that they tried since they first sampled the product with their groups. 63% have purchased in the past 12 months.
  • 53% are buying additional Dr. Bronner’s products that they did not sample with their groups.
  • 82% of moms who buy Dr. Bronner’s products say it’s because they learned about it from Moms Meet.

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