Infographic: Is Meat Dead?

by May Media Group
Is meat dead?

The plant-based movement has taken hold of the mainstream market in a big way. From coworkers to acquaintances, it seems that everybody wants to eat more plant-based meals whether it be for their health, the environment, or both. It’s also easier than ever to reach these goals. Exciting brands like Alpha Foods, Before the Butcher, Caulipower, and Lightlife offer meat alternatives that taste like the real deal. More restaurants, including fast food chains, are offering menu items that fit the bill and the grocery selection is flourishing at conventional stores. 

With backing from big names like Bill Gates, who has gone all-in on alternative protein research, calling plant-based meats, “the future of food”, it seems like plants have surely taken over. But what about its animal-based predecessors—the poultry, beef, and pork, that have been the staple of a balanced American diet for centuries? Are we no longer a nation of meat-eaters? Furthermore, it led us to wonder, is meat dead? (Yes, pun intended.) 

To help us better understand the consumption habits surrounding meat, we surveyed the Moms Meet audience to learn what they are actually eating when it comes to meat and meat-alternatives. Here’s what we discovered.

Is Meat Dead? Infographic

Download a printable version here.

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