What Moms Need During This Period of Uncertainty

by May Media Group
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In these unprecedented times, one thing remains true: we still crave human interaction. While playdates and get-togethers have turned into group video chats and drive-by caravans, people are finding creative ways to stay connected. For moms faced with these new realities, they’re caught balancing their own anxieties while remaining a calm resource for their kids in the midst of working from home, homeschooling, and keeping the cabin fever at bay. Moms have always turned to each other for advice, support, and camaraderie, and these bonds have become even more important in the age of psychical distancing.

Even though moms can no longer meet in person, they are still sharing products and recommendations to help each other continue to raise happy, healthy families. They seek outside support and truly want to learn from each other. So in the midst of all this, the new normal for moms everywhere includes sharing necessities through porch drop-offs and staying in regular contact through online, video, and phone communication.

Our mission at Moms Meet has always been to connect, educate, and empower moms and we are doing everything in our power to keep this up. We surveyed our audience recently about the current situation and a resounding majority would like to continue learning about better-for-you products and participate in Sampling Programs. In response, we’ve created our brand new Virtual Group Sampling Program. 

Many moms count on connecting with each other via Moms Meet Sampling Programs and are eager to continue the routine with the help of technology. An astounding 94% of survey respondents want to hold a Virtual Group Sampling Program with their groups. One mom said, “We need some normalcy in our life. My mom friends have come to expect these great Sampling Programs as a part of our gatherings. Now, gathering virtually, we just don’t have the same routine. It would be nice to bring something “regular” back to our meetings.”

An 80% majority also said they’d hold a video-based Moms Meet Group Sampling Meeting, as well. In the past six months, almost seven in 10 moms have already conducted online Moms Meet group meetings or connected with their friends and family through online meeting platforms, proving the move to virtual connection is an easy concept for moms everywhere. One mom told us, “We have already done a group meet this way! We “met” on Facebook Messenger and were able to sample together that way! I dropped off samples in bags I placed on the porches, and we had our meeting virtually! It worked great and was fun to connect in a different way during this quarantine time!”

How it Works

This reimagining of our classic Group Sampling Program allows Mom groups to sample products without close contact.

  • Our Mom Ambassadors will distribute your product samples/coupons to their Moms Meet group via porch drop-off or porch pickup.
  • She will then invite her Moms Meet group to an online video sampling meeting where she will showcase your products, educate her group members on your product’s key benefits, and collect their feedback virtually. 
  • We may create a theme around your Sampling Meeting, and supply the Mom Ambassadors with creative ideas that they could use during your meeting. For example, we may suggest a cooking demonstration, cook-off, brand bingo, brand quiz, etc.

Want to see what else our moms told us?
Here are the top products they started buying more of during this crisis.

Moms depend on Moms Meet for advice on nutritious foods and beverages, immune support, vitamins and supplements, CBD products, and more. It’s especially true during this time, as one mom shared with us. “I think this is a great idea so we are still able to sample the many healthy things Moms Meet introduces to us. Especially in a time like this, we need all the healthy vitamin-packed products we can get for us and our families.”  

Our goal is to keep natural and better-for-you products top-of-mind for our powerful Mom audience. We’re also committed to supporting the fine brands within our industry during this time of uncertainty. Together, we can be a source of guidance for families when it’s needed most.

If you are interested in learning more about the Virtual Group Sampling Program, or you want to activate our Mom Bloggers, Vloggers, and Influencers to spread the word about your products, please contact us

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