2021 Trends: What Moms Want Now

by Maureen Frost

This past year, ordinary life has been upended in so many ways, from how we learn and work on down to our simple daily habits. While we look to an uncertain yet hopeful future in 2021, we surveyed the Moms Meet community to see what they want for themselves and their families in the coming months. With over 1,750 responses, the Moms Meet survey What Moms Want in 2021 sheds light on their current and future shopping habits and goals for the new year.

With safety concerns fluctuating throughout the year, almost 8 in 10 Moms have chosen to shop online for their groceries, personal care, and/or household items, while about 7 in 10 shop at brick and mortar stores. Those who shop online for these items expect to do more of it in 2021 with a 6% growth estimate. Brick and mortar shopping growth projections alternatively remain flat from year to year. 

Online shopping, which offers convenience and an added measure of safety, is the new normal for many not wanting to brave the masses in stores. Areas anticipated to rise in popularity include online meal subscriptions, expected to grow by 41%, niche/boutique online retailers at 22%, restaurant delivery services at 20%, and brand websites by 11%.  

Our survey shows though that most Moms still do pick their groceries, personal care, and/or household products up at local stores. Almost 9 in 10 Moms who shop at brick and mortar stores pick up products in the store while 39% of them utilize curbside pickup services. Local shopping like this offers busy families the ability to pick up last minute items that are inevitable when raising kids. 

Moms still aren’t able to find everything they need in a one-stop shop either. In a typical week, respondents made purchases from almost two and a half stores for the above items, a pattern that hasn’t changed in at least four years when first reported in a 2016 Moms Meet survey.

Our Moms have also historically been high users of Amazon Prime. Almost eight in 10 Moms surveyed are Amazon Prime members. This number is up 8.5% from 2018. As moms ourselves at Moms Meet, we flock to Amazon for a number of reasons including cost savings, exposure to natural and organic products, and of course convenience.

Our members also told us what they plan on buying more of in 2021 for themselves and their families. The results show a focus on retail therapy, healthy living, and hope for a better economic future. Almost six in 10 Moms intend to buy more clothes for themselves. They may want a little instant gratification or it could be indicative of a switch to loungewear while we continue to stay home, especially from professional and formal occasions. Moms expect to purchase more vitamins and supplements, natural and organic food, personal care, cleaning, and cough/cold/flu products. Half of moms also plan to buy more immune support supplements, a sure sign of the times.

A feeling of hope was ever present in our Mom’s responses especially when learning what they planned to do more of in the next year. They want to focus on their mental health, relationships, and trying out new hobbies. Almost 70% of Moms will focus on staying positive, 55% on getting more sleep, and 54% on weight loss. Many are optimistic about activities that have been avoided this year, too, like inviting people over for dinner (28%) and joining a gym (26%).

A focus on mental and physical health top the list of priorities for their families in 2021. Along with cooking healthier, spending time in nature, and creating family fun, moms want to venture out of town with their loved ones. “Take more family vacations” made it to the top ten on their lists with 42% of respondents hoping for a fun getaway in the next year.

While this time of year always elicits well-intentioned New Year’s resolutions, our Moms are focused on getting healthier through exercise and better eating habits, taking care of their families, and staying positive and mentally healthy. They’ll attempt to cut their family’s screen time, enjoy quality time together, and focus on their kids’ education. 

Lastly, our survey showed that Moms Meet and KIWI magazine remain an important outlet for our passionate health-conscious parents, especially during these trying times. They appreciate still getting to learn about better-for-you products in a flexible manner from brands they know and trust. 

Want to get your products into the hands of Moms Meet Moms and drive traffic to your online stores? Contact us to learn more about the many ways our influential community can help your brand thrive.

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