Smash Hit: Moms Loved the Inaugural Moms Meet Virtual WOW Summit

by May Media Group

From March 9–11, 2021, moms from around the United States and Canada tuned into the inaugural Moms Meet Virtual WOW Summit. They heard from inspirational speakers, met with better-for-you brands, and learned about healthy products and services. With over 30 video sessions, 175+ million potential event impressions, and more than 1,600 health-minded moms—including close to 500 bloggers and influencers—the event was a smash hit!

For busy parents, the flexibility of a virtual event allowed those who might not have been able to travel to in-person events to attend. One mom explained, “I have always wanted to attend a WOW Summit but I was not able to travel in previous years so I loved that this year I was able to participate. I enjoyed being able to access so much valuable information about health and wellness and parenting tips, etc. I enjoyed the whole process.” The virtual format also allowed attendees to come back and watch sessions they might have missed and rewatch their favorites. 

Moms Loved Virtual WOW Summit

Throughout the three-day event, attendees visited the Virtual Exhibit Hall over 15,000 times. Once there, they could download sponsors’ brand content, participate in fun giveaways, shop products, and learn more about their offerings. Promotional partners could even chat directly with attendees and meet one-on-one with bloggers and influencers. This was a well-loved feature for many, with one mom noting, “one thing I absolutely loved was the fact that we could connect directly with the brands.”

Instead of one day dedicated to bloggers and influencers, Virtual WOW Summit offered a Blogger + Influencer Track with specific sessions throughout each day of the event. The close-to 500 bloggers and influencers who attended Virtual WOW Summit were able to network with each other and attend their own Virtual Happy Hour. Over 115 select VIP bloggers and influencers were invited to video chat with brands one on one to forge lasting relationships, with many brands and content creators forming immediate partnerships. Over 98% of bloggers and influencers rated Virtual WOW Summit as “Excellent” or “Good” and 97% rated meeting one-on-one with Exhibitors as “Excellent” or “Good.” 

Exhibitors were pleased with Virtual WOW Summit and the levels of the engagement at their booths and during their sessions. With over 23,000 messages exchanged throughout the event, attendees and brands were highly engaged. Founder of Teeccino, Caroline McDougal said, “We really had a great WOW summit and enjoyed all the bloggers we met. Everyone was very pleased with the outcome of the show. Plus, both our videos got lots of enthusiastic comments so I’m glad they were so well received.” Mark Mallardi, general manager of AMARUMAYU said, “Thank you and your team for a fantastic WOW Summit experience, and for your care and attention to ensure that we realized the greatest value from the event! It was of great benefit to AMARUMAYU on numerous levels.”

Several brand partners held standout sessions that went beyond their product line to educate moms in the areas of health, nutrition, and sustainability. The lineup included “Infant Gut Health: How It’s Linked to Colic, Diaper Rash and More” from Evivo; “Preventing Picky Eating: Tips and Tricks for Stress-Free Meals” with Happy Family; “Dive into Kid-Friendly Sustainability” from Safe Catch; “This is Jeoparty: Composting Essentials” with Hippo Sak; “Teaching Your Children to Celebrate Differences” with Brazi Bites; “Now is the Perfect Time for a ‘Tween Podcast Network” with TRAX by PRX; “A Mom’s Guide to Being Good to Your Gut” with Boiron; and “CBD 101” with CBDfx.

A moving session from Kids Smart and Dr. Laura Markham, author of the Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids series, expanded on the struggles of pandemic parenting and how to overcome them. Many moms were touched by her words and felt as if she was speaking directly to them. During two popular coffee breaks with Teeccino, moms learned how to make better home brews and transform any latte into a libation. The Virtual Happy Hour with Sambucol offered a lively and hilarious game of “Never Have I Ever: Parents Edition,” reminding moms they’re in this crazy stage of motherhood together. 

Some other highlights from the event included a belly-laughing session from Lucy and Tom Riles, authors of Mom vs. Dad: The Not-So-Serious Guide to the Stuff We’re All Fighting About. The session kicked off Virtual WOW Summit with plenty of chuckles and relatable scenarios. Moms loved learning from Keynote Speaker Dr. Josh Axe of Ancient Nutrition about ancient remedies for healing. Hooked on his insight, many in the audience swiftly purchased his newest book Ancient Remedies after hearing his session.

Overall, moms were thrilled with Virtual WOW Summit and had an overwhelming amount of positive feedback about all aspects of the event. 

What Moms Are Saying

“I just wanted to say a big thank you and give you a virtual hug! This has been a wonderful experience and I am so grateful that I found Moms Meet! I’m a mom of three little boys and this experience has opened my eyes to a lot and really made me realize I’m not in this alone. Thank you so much!”

“The summit has been amazing. The speakers have been engaging, fun, and offered a wealth of info and advice. While I miss the chance to meet new ladies, I am looking forward to continuing the connections I’ve made this week.”

“Seriously, ladies, please give yourselves a pat on the back. Today marks exactly one year since our state locked down and I have been so depressed as it approached, but I was able to meet the day refreshed and ready, solely because of your event. It came at the perfect time, your speakers and exhibitors were upbeat and engaging, and you ladies are simply beautiful souls. Thank you for sharing so much with all of us. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate it!”

“I LOVED the entire thing. I loved the platform, the vibe, the community, the brands, the speakers, the one-on-one video chats. I loved it all.”

Up next for WOW Events is KIWI’s second annual Beyond the Lunchbox Digital Conference, happening August 2–9, 2021. Parents will discover the big ideas and practical solutions behind sustainability, wellness, nutrition, and kid’s lunch. If you’d like to secure your brand’s spot in this highly sought after event, email us at

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