Our 2022 Trend Forecast: The Moms Meet and KIWI Team Predicts the Top Trends for the Year Ahead

by Maureen Frost

With the new year upon us, we’re excited to look towards the trends we think will be big in the better-for-you space in 2022. While we may be in uncertain times globally, there’s much to be hopeful for as brands and individuals consider mental health, clean ingredients, environmental responsibility, and overall wellness a top priority. Hear what our team is excited about for the new year and beyond.

Environmental Stewardship Built Into the Business

Each year brings more extreme weather events in all corners of the world, signalling the pressing reality of combating climate change here and now. No longer an existential threat, companies are responding by committing to do their part in a variety of ways. Whether it be sequestering carbon through regenerative agriculture, adopting a more sustainable supply-chain system, switching to renewable energy, divesting from big oil, and beyond, there are many options that are good for business and the environment.

We recently spoke with Julie Anderson, CEO of Plastic Oceans International, on our podcast Raising Healthy Families with Moms Meet and KIWI who emphasized the importance of thinking of a product’s end of life cycle from inception. Acknowledging that we have finite resources on this planet and designing our products to be recycled instead of trashed will go a long way in conserving Earth’s natural resources. Listen to the full interview here.

“In 2022 we’ll see more companies in our industry progressing toward or achieving carbon-neutral status. Brands such as Neutral (milk), Beech-Nut, Muir Energy, Gerber and Moonshot Snacks are among the pioneers that are leading this movement for protecting our planet.”

Mitch Plotnick, Director, Digital Media Sales, May Media Group, LLC

Celebratory Sips Sans the Alcohol

Gone are the days of lackluster non-alcoholic options (and good riddance!) 

Whether you are looking to cut down or completely cut out alcohol, there are still plenty of beverages that offer all the nuanced flavors and usage of fancy glassware without the hangover.

“Non-alcohol wines and spirits continue to gain popularity as more people reassess their relationship with alcohol and its impact on their health. The rise of Dry January and surge of mocktails have encouraged many to put down the booze far past the end of the month. These sober sippers are not going anywhere and are looking for something delicious and non-alcoholic to enjoy while out with friends or at home with family.”

– Eleanor King, Social Media Manager, May Media Group, LLC

Consumer Demand for Ethical Brands and Quality Products

With our unique insight into the mom audience, the message is clear. Moms increasingly want to spend their money on brands with integrity who produce high quality products and services. 

“One of the things that we’re seeing more of at Moms Meet is an increased interest in the companies that make the products that they buy. And that interest is directly impacting consumer’s purchase decisions. Moms are more concerned than ever with who stands behind the product or service. They want to know where the products are made and whether their ingredients are ethically-sourced. They care if a business is woman- or minority-owned or focused on giving back to the community. A company’s environmental practices are also crucial—do they use compostable packaging; are their bags made with ocean-bound plastic; is their seafood sustainably caught? The more moms feel they can trust the company, the more they are likely to buy the company’s product. It’s now more important than ever for brands to share their company story with moms.”

Maxine Wolf, CEO and Founder, May Media Group, LLC

A Focus on Feminine Care

Exciting low- or no-waste products, expansion of organic options, and an emphasis on care have all converged to offer women better choices.

“The era of keeping hush hush about the unpleasantries of menstruation through menopause is over and exciting improvements are becoming more readily available to the masses. With celebrities like Amy Schumer and Brooklyn Decker putting their star power behind brands that focus on feminine hygiene and postpartum care, the issues that face those with female reproductive organs are getting the attention needed. Organic and reusable feminine care, postpartum and menopause care kits, pelvic floor education, functional nutrition resources for those who suffer from POCS and hormonal imbalances offer a step in the right direction towards better care.”

– Maureen Frost, Editorial Director, May Media Group, LLC

The Intersection of Function and Convenience in Food

The better-for-you food industry constantly innovates to offer consumers more options to fit their health needs. With nutrition always top of mind, families also want food that fits into their busy lifestyles. With some trends continuing to dominate and others seeing a jump in popularity, exciting new fare is popping up everywhere.

“I’d say plant-based will continue to be hot. Expect to see more functional mushroom products, nutrition-packed convenience meals that moms (and older kids) can make at home or take on the go, and finally low- or no-sugar desserts and snacks.”

Anya Sagee, Director, Western Sales, May Media Group, LLC

Other Trends We’re Seeing

  • More families purchasing immune-support products on a year-round basis
  • A focus on the microbiome in supplements, skincare, and food
  • Greater awareness and support for mental health for families and a destigmatizing of mental health struggles
  • The use of perennial crops that are better able to capture carbon in the fight against climate change
  • More personalized nutrition options that focus on the needs of the individual

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