How Brands Can Build Awareness and Create Purchases from Moms on Social Media

by Eleanor King

From brand awareness to purchase, social media is a conduit through which consumers are actively choosing where to put their money. By correctly utilizing social platforms and taking advantage of this opportunity, brands can build trust and create a loyal customer base. Moms are one of the main demographics brands should be focusing on due to their purchasing power. Here are a few ways brands can start to build awareness and create purchases from moms on social media. 

Be Active On Multiple Platforms

The major content-driven social media platforms offer unique ways for moms to interact with the things they care about, including their family, friends, content creators, and favorite brands. But how much time are they really dedicating to the scroll? According to the 2022 Moms Meet Social Media Usage Survey, our moms are spending around two and half hours a day on average on social media, which is spot on to the worldwide average. This time is broken up throughout the day as moms go about their routines. They may be checking Instagram for new posts, refreshing Twitter to see the latest news, opening Facebook to find family announcements, or searching Pinterest for recipes.

Each platform offers a unique draw to moms that lets them engage with the people and brands they find most valuable to them. With family being one of the top reasons moms use Facebook, it’s no surprise it reigns supreme in activity when it comes to the mom audience. A recent survey of our moms showed that 93% are active on Facebook and 80% are active on Instagram. Pinterest came in third with 57% of moms being active, YouTube fourth with 56%, and Twitter fifth with 47%. TikTok came in at 36%, a notable amount but still well below the top content-driven platforms.

Diversifying content across the main social media channels is a primary way for brands to educate moms about their products. Through the use of multiple platforms, brands can engage with different segments of the population using unique content to actively connect with various demographics. Different content also allows brands to highlight different aspects of their products. Video content is a great way to do product demos and announcements while static posts can offer an opportunity to share discounts and general product information. 

Video content, especially short-form video, has taken the lead as Meta pushes to expand Facebook Reels in conjunction with Instagram to compete with TikTok. While not confirmed by the platforms, creators have noticed that Instagram Reels have been performing much better than regular feed posts. While many creators are sticking to traditional posts for Facebook and Twitter, it’s clear that both platforms may begin to shift their content preference. 

Foster Awareness and Trust

With the over-saturation of content on social media, moms are looking to focus on the things they care about most. While friends and family always rank at the top of the feed, brands who have strong connections can also earn a space in this area. Breaking into this space as a brand can be challenging, especially as social platforms have begun to actively de-value brand posts and push them lower in the feed. A key part of reaching the top is through creating meaningful connections and trust with moms.

The trust-building process can be benefitted by having another content creator or known source vouch for the brands. When moms learn about a product from one of their favorite creators or trusted educational sources, they are more likely to follow the brand. In fact, 88% of Moms Meet moms follow brands on social media that they’ve learned about from Moms Meet according to our survey. 

Moms Meet is a great way to introduce moms to brands and products they might not otherwise have known about with the foundation of trust already in place. Around 60% of our moms say they attend Moms Meet social media events (Facebook Live, Instagram Live, Twitter Party) where they learn about new products from our brand partners. These actively engaged moms have been primed with the important information they need to make purchase decisions. Partnering with Moms Meet gives brands the opportunity to create these important and meaningful connections with moms to build brand loyalty.

Utilize In-Platform Selling

These days, many people are learning about products through social media, whether that be from content creators, brands, educational resources, or other sources. While not always immediate, this awareness does drive purchase decisions for consumers and moms alike. A bad Instagram review from a trusted creator might lead a mom to avoid certain products, while a glowing TikTok review might lead another mom to become a long-term customer. 

Moms are more likely to purchase a product they are familiar with and social media is a great way to get products in front of them, both through brands and creators. In fact, over 80% of Moms Meet moms report having purchased products after learning about them from Moms Meet social media.

Additionally, the introduction of ecommerce actions directly on social media platforms has started to change the way people shop. According to our recent survey, over 30% of our moms always or usually purchase products through social media platforms. Being able to offer easy and accessible ways to purchase through social media is a great way to push online retail sales. 

Overall, moms are leaning on social media to both learn about and purchase products. Brands should focus on diversifying their content, building trusted networks of creators, and offering easy ways to purchase through social platforms.

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