How to Gain Valuable Product Insight from the Mom Community

by May Media Group

Understanding your target consumers’ needs and behaviors is key to any brand’s success. Receiving transparent and data-driven feedback can help position your products effectively in a competitive market. Moms Meet understands this and delivers valuable and comprehensive feedback to our brand partners from moms passionate about raising healthy families. Those of you who have worked with our company before know about the “icing on the cake” that comes at the end of your Moms Meet Group Sampling Program—the Consumer Feedback Report. 

What is the Moms Meet Consumer Feedback Report?

This comprehensive piece of Market Research includes an analysis of the opinions and intended behavior that moms provide after being educated about your product and then trying it in their group settings. Typically 25 to 30 pages long, this report gives your brand the tools you need to help improve your product, positioning, retail strategy, and more. And, it can provide data that celebrates the product’s success to share with your team, board members, retailers, investors, and the press.

How to Make the Report Work for Your Brand

The Moms Meet Consumer Feedback Report provides our clients with information about product rating, purchase intent, category and competitive behavior, depth and breadth of key attributes, open-ended comments, and more. Brands frequently use this data in retailer and sales meetings, investor presentations, and press releases. Because the product is being sampled by thousands of consumers, the data is a powerful tool when communicating with buyers. Oftentimes, those thousands of moms may be in the exact trading area of the retailer you are presenting to; showing that retailer just how many moms are potentially driven into their stores to buy your product.

Additionally, Moms Meet compares the product’s result against its extensive normative database, resulting from over 13 years of Moms Meet Feedback Report data and representing the responses of millions of moms. It includes many individual food, beverage, and non-food categories for comparison. This allows the brand to not only receive absolute ratings but see how their product is doing when compared to other similar products in their categories. 

Unique in its Transparent and Actionable Insights

What makes this data so distinctly valuable is the fact that it comes from authentic, engaged health-minded moms who are part of the Moms Meet community. These moms trust Moms Meet and feel that they are reporting their feedback to Moms Meet rather than to the brand. This allows for transparent and honest responses so that brands can have truly actionable insights. 

In addition to the Moms Meet Consumer Feedback Report that comes with the Group Sampling Programs, Moms Meet also offers custom market research designed to meet the brand’s specific needs. That includes quantitative designs as well as Moms Meet Virtual Focus Groups. Many brands use this custom research to gain insight into products that aren’t on the market yet and/or to delve deeper into other issues around the product formulation, packaging, positioning or messaging.

Stand Out as a Mom-Approved Brand

Lastly, the Moms Meet Consumer Feedback Reports are the catalyst for the prestigious Moms Meet Seal of Approval award. The moms who review your product tell us if they think the product is worthy of winning the Seal. So, they not only rate your product, but actually cast their vote. The Seal, once won, can be used on packaging, advertising, social media and more, letting moms everywhere know that yours is a brand that’s mom-approved.

If you’d like to learn more about our Group Sampling Programs, Custom Market Research, or any other offerings, contact us.

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