How to Leverage the Power of Content Creators

by May Media Group

Content creators, a.k.a. influencers, are here to stay and are shaping the digital marketing landscape with every upload. From Instagram posts touting the latest and greatest kids product, to TikTok recipe videos highlighting a “must-buy” pan, consumers are making purchases everyday after seeing posts from their favorite content creators. But is influencer marketing worth it? 

The Value of Influencer Marketing 

Simply put, yes. Here’s why. It’s no surprise that influencer marketing is the “it-girl” of today’s digital marketing strategy. With social platforms moving away from brand-generated content, organically getting your products in front of consumers online has become increasingly difficult. Plus, with the recent privacy updates made by Apple, paid social just isn’t as targeted as it used to be. And let’s be real, those “sponsored” posts are a quick scroll-by for most people anyway. 

So how do you get your product in front of a targeted, engaged audience who genuinely wants to learn about what you’re offering? The answer is simple: activate Moms Meet programs. Between our expansive Group Sampling Programs and Content Creator Programs, Moms Meet has the ability to reach millions of people no matter the program you choose.

According to Inmar Intelligence, 84% of consumers have made a purchase based on an influencer’s recommendation. Additionally, a survey done by Yahoo Finance shows that 52% of Gen Zers and 50% of Millennials say they trust influencers to give good advice about the brands and products they’re promoting.

While cost varies from creator to creator, influencer marketing still remains a relatively affordable advertising avenue with numerous benefits. Moms Meet carefully selects a curated list of content creators who share our health and sustainability objectives, as well as meet the financial needs of brands. This provides top-tier content from a range of content creators. 

The Ever-So-Important Mom Influencer 

Moms, who are responsible for 85% of household purchases and have a spending power of over $2 trillion, want to find the best products for their families. But moms are busy. Sometimes too busy to dig through pages of search results to find products they trust. So where do they turn? Oftentimes, it’s to social media and their favorite influencers. 

For our moms, Moms Meet is their go-to source for product recommendations. They turn to our website and our social media to see the latest products and their reviews that they are interested in purchasing for their families. With a database of over 284k, Moms Meet is a major influencer itself, touching all corners of the United States and Canadian marketplace. 

Seeing an influencer’s honest review or real-life video demonstration of a product helps them make purchasing decisions they feel good about. Knowing that their trusted source has already vetted the product gives them the confidence they need to click “add to cart.” Over 80% of consumers trust the opinions they see on social media, whether it be from friends, family, or influencers that they follow, according to the Digital Marketing Institute.

Moms Meet Content Creators reach a health-conscious and sustainably minded mom audience who relies on their favorite influencers to make purchasing decisions that align with their standards. With an average followership of over 10,000 moms, Moms Meet Content Creators reach a diverse and engaged mom audience looking for a reason to buy-in on your brand and product. Utilizing these creators is a great way to expand your scope and find new customers. 

The Power of Video Content

Not only does video reach more people on social media these days, it also gives a longer and often more detailed look at the brand or product being showcased. According to research done by HubSpot Blogs, 66% of consumers have watched a video to learn about a brand or product. From recipes to demos to dance-offs, video is a key piece of content brands need to focus on. 

With video as the primary focus for platforms like TikTok and Instagram, influencers have already started to make the switch to short-format vertical video. Instagram has even admitted that Reels are their primary focus when it comes to pushing content to home feeds and discovery feeds, in addition to the dedicated Reels tab. In fact, according to HypeAuditor, Reels are the number one piece of content to receive likes (35.4%) and have the highest estimated reach (33.8%). This is despite ranking third in most common posted type of content on Instagram in July of 2022 in comparison to images, carousels, and regular video. 

Influencers know the power and value behind Reels, and to continue growing their platforms they need to create them regularly. For example, during a recent Moms Meet Influencer program, over a third of participants created a video about the product without being prompted to. Taking advantage of videos created by influencers is an easy way for brands to keep up with current content while also leaning into the trust that influencers’ followers have. 

Don’t Forget About Mom Bloggers

Mom blogs hold a lot of sway in the parenting community and continue to be a resource for thousands. They not only drive awareness, sales, and web traffic, they also educate readers about brands and products. Many bloggers have also leveraged their social media to promote their blog content.

Offering a longer format than most social posts, blogs are a great way to educate target demographics in depth about a brand or product. Blogs are typically formatted in a more lifestyle-forward way that shares honest reviews, product use suggestions, multiple images, and discounts with links to ecommerce. Live linking abilities within blog posts are a great way to push web traffic to brand sites once consumers have learned about the product. 

Our Moms Meet Bloggers are always looking for new products to try and educate their readers about. With an average monthly readership of approximately 19k and an average social media following of approximately 10k, Moms Meet Bloggers reach a wide audience of engaged moms. Plus, since bloggers tend to share their posts on one or more of their social media accounts, they create additional exposure for the brand and product. 

For those of you who know us well, you’ll know that Moms Meet has a major influence in its own right. We’ve helped to build many brands by introducing them to our community and spreading the word about them through our comprehensive sampling programs and our extensive content creator network. Working with Moms Meet through either a Group Sampling Program or Content Creator Program is one of the best ways to get your product in front of your target audience. 


Want to activate our network of highly engaged and influential Moms Meet Content Creators? Contact us to learn more.

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