2023 Trend Forecast: Hot Product Categories for the Mom Audience in the New Year

by Maureen Frost

As we look towards the new year, we’re excited for what’s trending in the better-for-you product space. With a keen insight into what key house-hold purchasers want through our national audience of health-minded moms, here are the top seven areas we’re predicting will dominate in 2023. 

The Expansion of Plant-Based

The desire for plant-based alternatives to just about every meat and dairy product continues to grow. Brands are responding with options to drink, indulge in, and serve for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Dairy alternatives continue to climb in popularity, drawing the attention of even mainstream brands like Philadelphia, the inventor of cream cheese, to answer the call for a plant-based option. Moms Meet moms gravitate towards plant-based dairy alternatives in multiple categories. Nearly 7 in 10 Moms Meet moms buy plant-based cream cheese and even more buy plant-based cheese, at 78% of those surveyed. Our audience was able to sample Spero Sunflower Cream Cheese and love the taste and versatility

As the largest plant-based category on the market, retail sales of plant-based milk alternatives have reached $3.1 billion dollars according to an April 2022 report from Acosta, detailed in Dairy Foods. With ample variety, milk-alternatives made from flaxseed, sunflower seed, almond, oat, cashew, soy, hemp, and barley can be subbed in for lattes, smoothies, cereals, soups, and baking. Our audience has enjoyed brands like Lattini Sunflower Seed Milk, Take Two Barleymilk, and Malibu Flax Mylk

“This milk alternative is absolutely delicious. My whole family enjoyed it. It has a delicious cinnamon hinted flavor. Loved it.”

–Melissa A.

“The TakeTwo Chocolate Barley milk was a huge hit! My daughter said it tasted better than any other chocolate milk. It is a perfect alternative for kids and adults who can’t have cow’s milk. I will definitely buy this again!”

–Sara G.

Moms Meet Moms are also still buying meat alternatives and had the opportunity to try Nature’s Fynd Meatless Breakfast Patties Original, Hungry Planet Chicken Crispy & Fried, and CHKN Not Chicken this year. Flavor, texture, and ingredients are key factors for moms looking for the right meatless product.

“Loaded with protein and juicy, with no animal fat or harm to animals. What can be better than that?”

–Tara K.

Elevated Caffeinated Options

Coffee—moms not only love the taste but need the energy boost to go, go, go from morning till night. This doesn’t mean they’ll settle for your basic brew, though. Instead, they’re opting for coffee-shop quality in concentrated or cold brew form from brands like Pop & Bottle and Lost Coast Roast. Seventy percent of those surveyed from our audience of moms are buying coffee concentrates. And 90% of those who had the opportunity to try Lost Coast Roast with us, are likely to buy it. Expect this audience to continue to look for value attributes like organic (a quality both aforementioned brands have) and sustainability.

“It took a few tries to get it right but once I found the perfect mix of flavors it all came together!! This coffee concentrate has truly saved me so much money just with one bottle alone!! I was going through so many different coffees trying to find something and this one checked all the boxes! It is smooth and flavorful and strong and so easy to customize and it WORKS!! when I learned more about the brand I was hooked. It’s such an amazing coffee with an amazing team behind it, I found my new favorite and brought a few friends along with me!”

–Jennifer Moreno

Growing Variety for Better-For-You Snacking

One of the universal rules you discover when becoming a parent is that your kids will always want snacks—always. That means moms, and I’m speaking from experience here, are constantly on the hunt for better snacking options. Ingredients matter and moms continue to search for new things until they land on the winning combination of better-for-you snacks that your child will like. More and more options continue to hit the market to satisfy the needs of both mom and kid. 

Snacks from the sea are no longer niche and growing in popularity, with 76% of Moms Meet moms surveyed buying seaweed snacks from brands like gimme. Whole Foods Market also has kelp on their list to watch for next year. 

Dates are deservedly having a moment as well for their natural sweetness yet low glycemic index. With their growing popularity in the states, dates are popping up in dessert recipes and smoothies, as syrups and balsamics, and as simple snacking options. Our moms recently took part in a Moms Meet Focus Group for a leading date brand. Many were surprised by how good they were and how versatile they are for baking and smoothies.

Keeping with the natural sugar trend, Eat the Change Cosmic Carrot Chews gets its sweetness from the carrots and fruit juice to offer a better alternative to conventional fruit snacks. And because sugar content is always a concern for parents, lower sugar and delicious options like Zing Bars are great for on-the-go snacking. 

“These were very good! The parents were very impressed and the kids had no idea they were eating carrots. They loved them. I love that they are vegan and sweetened only with fruit juice!”

–Angie W.

Sustainability as a Driving Factor

Environmental impact is a big and growing concern for many as our planet trudges through the climate crises. More and more brands are acting with this in mind and also sharing their stories with an audience that values environmental stewardship. Some of the brands our moms have sampled this year include, Neutral Milk, Wild Planet (winner of multiple Moms Meet Seal of Approval awards), Lost Coast Roast, Eat the Change, and gimme Seaweed Snacks. Some of the trends we’re seeing in this category include the Upcycled Food Certification, hydroponic farming, and cultivated meat and dairy, like Brave Robot x Coolhaus Animal-Free Ice Cream Sandwiches. We foresee more education around the cultivated movement in the new year as this category inches its way to a mainstream audience.

Fermented Foods and Drinks for Gut Health

Education around the importance of gut health is everywhere and fermented foods top the list for gut-healthy options. Moms Meet moms were treated to multiple kombucha varieties in 2022: Better Booch, Koe, Big Easy Tepache, and Wonder Drink. With more emphasis on both prebiotics and probiotics, like mixmi frozen yogurt that’s fortified with both, we look forward to seeing what else comes on the market next year. 

“I love Kombucha! This was my first time trying the product. I have heard so much about it from my sister in-law and now I understand why she loves it so much! Kombucha is now a part of my life!! I love the taste and everything about it!”

–Adriana B.

Desserts with High Ideals

Dessert doesn’t need to mean junk and brands are showing up big time to offer quality indulgence with sophisticated offerings. Gatsby’s low calorie, low sugar chocolates are ideal for daily enjoyment. Petit Pot offers traditional pot de crème varieties but also multiple non-dairy options—all organic. WayFare Health Foods has a dairy-free pudding thats free from the top 10 allergens. And Bon Dévil makes their ganache with a coconut base instead of dairy from a brand that gives back. The best part about these premium desserts is that they don’t compromise taste for health.

“A real dark chocolate taste that is actually healthier for my family without sacrificing any taste. I felt good serving this product to my kids for special treats. My kids especially enjoy the peanut butter cups. The almond dark includes several taste and is my favorite.”


Up and Coming: Mushroom Supplements

Although the use of medicinal mushrooms dates back centuries, their popularity is growing in Western cultures as of late. Our audience of moms were able to try Troop Reishi Daily Mushroom gummies, part of an exciting product category to watch heading into the new year. The benefits of mushrooms are many and range from mood and immunity support to cardiovascular health and more. Look for more variety in capsule, gummy, powder, tea, and beyond in 2023. 

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