How Moms are Shopping in 2023

by Maureen Frost

A recent survey to the Moms Meet audience sheds light on the latest shopping habits for moms.

When it comes to the consumer market, moms are uniquely valuable to brands. They shop for their families often, share their must-have buys with their fellow moms, and aren’t afraid to put in the extra effort to find the products they want. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. We recently surveyed our audience of health-minded moms in our Moms Meet Shopping Habit Survey for some fresh insight on their behaviors when it comes to buying. Here’s what we learned.

Moms Hit the Grocery Store Multiple Times a Week

Moms Meet moms shop for groceries, on average, 3 times a week. This is almost double the national average of 1.6 times a week.*

Whether they’re running in for one thing, prepping for the week ahead, or simply restocking staple items—moms hit the stores more than most. That’s great news for brands who get three times the opportunity to make it into Mom’s cart. 

Moms Shop Around

If you are able to pick up everything you need in one store, please do share your secrets. But moms visit multiple outlets to acquire all the essentials for their household. 

Their top reasons include:

  • Product is on sale at another store
  • Product has a lower everyday price at another store
  • Brand/product isn’t available at the same store
  • Needing something last minute and the store is conveniently located
  • Being on a budget and wanting to buy at a store based on the price of items
  • Store is out of stock

Interestingly, over half of those surveyed say they currently have to shop at more stores per week than they did a year ago. Inflation and availability are most likely factors in this uptick. 

But the good news for brands is that 66% of moms are willing to drive, on average, 24 minutes or approximately 16 miles from their home to get the groceries that they need and want. In short, if a mom wants your product, she’s willing to go to great lengths—and enjoy a nice little mom drive-cation—to find your product in multiple stores. 

Here Are the Brick and Mortar Stores They Visit Most

Walmart and Target, two big box stores top the list with Aldi, a discount grocery store coming in third as the most frequented shopping destinations. 

They’re Also Shopping Online, Some More Than Last Year

Nearly seven in 10 moms surveyed have shopped online in the past six months. More than three in 10 are spending more online than they did a year ago. 

Their top reasons include:

  • Liking to shop from an app on a mobile device
  • Ability to buy when getting to a store isn’t an option (illness, transportation, weather, etc.)
  • Ability to shop from past orders saved to your online account
  • Freedom to shop without kids
  • Convenience and time-saving nature of online shopping
  • Saving money by avoiding impulse buys in store

Here Are the Online Grocery Retailers They Visit Most

Moms Turn to Moms Meet to Learn About New Products Over Social Media

Product trial through a Moms Meet program offers brands a powerful and effective method of winning over new customers. While you may hear a lot about social media marketing, it comes in a distant second (18%) to Moms Meet (40%) as an avenue for moms to learn about new products. 

Where Moms Learn About New Products:

  • Moms Meet 40%
  • Social media 18%
  • Friend 6%
  • Retail store 6%
  • Television 5%
  • Family member 4%
  • Amazon 3%
  • Streaming media 1%

What’s also interesting is that only 22% of Moms Meet moms, on average, participate in other sampling/product review programs. If a brand is working with another company other than Moms Meet, they aren’t reaching health and sustainably minded moms and their vast networks. 

With Moms Meet, you can expose our influential and passionate national community of moms to your products and services. With over 14 years of experience in this unique industry, moms trust us implicitly to bring them the best products for them and their families.

If you’d like to learn more about our Group Sampling or Content Creator programs, please contact us.


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