Health-Minded Moms, United in Purpose and Passion

Our Moms are committed to raising healthy and happy families and their passion extends to the products they buy and the choices they make every day. They are the leaders and change agents you want to be talking to now—and we can make it happen.


She is…

  • An influencer and change agent in her community, both online and offline
  • Passionate about raising a healthy family
  • A leader of an in-person Mom group who tries and reviews healthier products and services
  • Dedicated to learning about and sharing better-for-you products and services with her friends and family
  • Located throughout the United States and Canada

Mom Ambassadors leading in-person Moms Meet groups

1.7 million+
Estimated Moms Meet reach (20 Moms per group)

active and highly networked on social media

Mom Bloggers


of Social Media Influencers

are Millennial Moms with four-person households

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With nutrition as a paramount factor for their families, our Moms read labels, can decipher ingredients, and reach for the better-for-you options over and over again. As conscious consumers, they care about their environmental footprint and enjoy giving their business to brands who feel the same way. Safety is always at the forefront of their thoughts, leading them to choose toxin-free products for their homes and bodies and rely on safer alternatives in the areas of medicine and treatment. They aim to raise responsible children with a focus on education and exposing them to the world around them.

As Millennial Moms, they are on the cutting edge of wellness trends and regularly seek out new ways to stay healthy. They are active and engaged users of social media, sharing their authentic experiences and product recommendations with like-minded Moms across the various platforms. Online shopping is key for them to thrive in their busy lives, with 89% of our Moms surveyed saying they have bought online once a month or more in the past year. In these modern families, grandparents also play a crucial role in raising their grandchildren, giving way to a multi-generational shift towards better health and happiness.



It’s a powerful, comprehensive, and unique marketing platform that includes creating broad scale brand awareness, product education and trial, social media, geo-targeted product sampling around key retailers, brick and mortar and online sales drives, live events, consumer insights, and more.


With the knowledge that they gain from Moms Meet and our sponsors, our Moms eagerly spread the word about products and brands that they’ve engaged with to their network. This, in turn, influences their friends and family to make healthier choices. Those persuasive, respected recommendations extend the reach of your program beyond the realm of Moms Meet.

You Can Earn thousands of authentic Product Reviews

There is no more powerful and valuable type of product recommendation than that of one Mom to another Mom. As a key feature of every client’s Moms Meet program, your product can generate thousands of Product Reviews, comments, and conversations on your brand pages. Your Product Reviews can also be hosted on your brand’s website.

Products Our Mom Ambassadors Love

Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint All-One Toothpaste

“I have been looking for a new toothpaste that doesn’t have fluoride in it. I was making my own but I like being able to squeeze my toothpaste out from a tube. I like the flavors plus how clean it makes my teeth and mouth feel. This is a good product for my household.”
– Margaret M.

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Califia Farms Unsweetened Almondmilk

“I loved the nog, it was a big hit in our group! I appreciate the fact that the milk is dairy free and gluten free because I was able to enjoy it as well and I really loved the unsweetened almond milk which I used later to make a delicious smoothie.”
– Tiffany E.

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Tree Top Apple Sauce Pouches

“My group really enjoyed the Tree Top Apple Sauce pouches. We also brought our kids and it was all we can do to keep the kids from trying to get every pouch at once! We love the clear packaging; it gives us more peace of mind when we can see what’s inside the pouch before we let our kids eat it. We also love that Tree Top Apple Sauce poches have no added sugar.”
– Blaire P.

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“This is the best hardwood cleaner on the market! It cleans so well and doesn’t leave streaks or residue! We love how it helps clean naturally and helps our family with our allergies! GREAT PRODUCT! We are customers for life!”
– Laura M.

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Baby Mum-Mum Rice Rusks

“This is a great product! My baby and all the other babies, loved these! They are perfect for teething babes and are a great way for them to learn how to use their pincer grasp to feed themselves. It’s nice to know they aren’t just empty calories but have some nutritional value to them. I would be interested in more flavors!”
– Ashley J.

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