It’s no surprise that during the COVID-19 outbreak, both internet and social media usage saw a major increase across the board. With millions of people stuck inside and millions more out of a job, many turned to their smartphones and digital devices to occupy their time. In fact, during the first quarter of 2020, the global average of broadband consumption … Read More

Moms Meet is the leading source of health-minded Moms in North America, with over 103,000 Moms Meet groups representing a reach of 2 million+ moms across the United States and Canada. Moms turn to Moms Meet’s  sampling, digital and social media programs to learn about and try better-for-you products and services. Our engaged, authentic mom community trusts Moms Meet to … Read More

To help us better understand the consumption habits surrounding meat, we surveyed the Moms Meet audience to learn what they are actually eating when it comes to meat and meat-alternatives. Here’s what we discovered.