Understanding your target consumers’ needs and behaviors is key to any brand’s success. Receiving transparent and data-driven feedback can help position your products effectively in a competitive market. Moms Meet understands this and delivers valuable and comprehensive feedback to our brand partners from moms passionate about raising healthy families. Those of you who have worked with our company before know … Read More

From brand awareness to purchase, social media is a conduit through which consumers are actively choosing where to put their money. By correctly utilizing social platforms and taking advantage of this opportunity, brands can build trust and create a loyal customer base. Moms are one of the main demographics brands should be focusing on due to their purchasing power. Here … Read More

With a full suite of in-house creative services coupled with a highly engaged audience of household purchasers, Moms Meet is the ideal choice to bring your video production needs to life. Brands like MaryRuth’s, Barilla, and Wild Planet come to us to create engaging content that connects your product to a mom’s mindset. Whether you’re looking for recipe content, product … Read More

Promo codes are well-loved by cost-conscious consumers and can be a powerful marketing tool in a brand’s strategy if used under the right conditions. Timing, necessity, and shipping expectations all factor into whether a purchase is actually made. Product quality and trust are also crucial in the decision making process regardless of a discount offer. We recently surveyed the Moms … Read More

In March of 2020, businesses across North America came to a standstill in the midst of widespread stay-at-home orders and unprecedented uncertainty stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic. Except for a few specific industries, most businesses, both small and large, felt an immediate and deep impact to their bottom line. May Media Group, LLC, the company behind Moms Meet, KIWI magazine, … Read More