Millennials are the highest users of social media amongst all generations, with 86% active participants, according to Pew Research. Interestingly, once millennial women become moms—a population that continues to grow—their time on the platforms tends to increase. The reasons are simple. Millennial moms turn to social media seeking parenting advice in the wee hours of the night, after they’ve put … Read More

With the new year on the horizon, we’ve put together our trend forecast for the better-for-you products and services we think will be big in 2020. With feedback from our international mom community and exposure to the latest releases at various trade shows throughout the year, here are our predictions for the coming year. 1. Climate-Friendly Foods Industrial agriculture is … Read More

Many goods and services receive high marks with our audience, but what happens if your product falls below our Moms Meet Norms? Does this mean Moms think your product is inferior to other products they’ve sampled? Not necessarily. In this installment, we dive into the different factors to consider if your product performs below one or more Moms Meet category … Read More

The ketogenic (keto) diet, meant to help you lose weight and boost energy by sending your body into ketosis, has gained popularity in recent years. We recently surveyed our Mom community to see how they feel about this high-fat, low-carb diet.

61% of Moms recently surveyed currently use CBD Oil products. See the infographic below for the most popular ways to consume CBD Oil amongst our Moms. Download the infographic here.

Among other data that’s collected by Moms Meet, a comprehensive database of survey results from all Group Sampling Programs is maintained. This data is used to give clients a context for understanding and interpreting the consumer feedback they receive about their own products.  When key product performance metrics are shown alongside comparable category performance metrics, brands can better see where … Read More

Moms Meet is celebrating 10 years of inspiring parents to raise happy, healthy families by connecting them with better-for-you products and services. To celebrate this milestone, Founder & CEO Maxine Wolf takes a look back at how it all began and shares her forecast for the industry over the next 10 years.

With over 900 exhibitors, this year’s Canadian Health Food Association show, CHFA: West in Vancouver, British Columbia did not disappoint. There were many standouts in the natural and organic categories. Here are eight brands distributed in Canada and the United States that are worth watching. Well-Priced Toxin-Free Household Cleaners When it comes to chemicals in household cleaning products, consumers want … Read More