From March 9–11, 2021, moms from around the United States and Canada tuned into the inaugural Moms Meet Virtual WOW Summit. They heard from inspirational speakers, met with better-for-you brands, and learned about healthy products and services. With over 30 video sessions, 175+ million potential event impressions, and more than 1,600 health-minded moms—including close to 500 bloggers and influencers—the event … Read More

This past year, ordinary life has been upended in so many ways, from how we learn and work on down to our simple daily habits. While we look to an uncertain yet hopeful future in 2021, we surveyed the Moms Meet community to see what they want for themselves and their families in the coming months. With over 1,750 responses, … Read More

KIWI’s first annual Beyond the Lunchbox Digital Conference took place August 3–9, 2020. This weeklong event showcased better-for-you brands while teaching parents the big ideas and practical solutions behind sustainability, nutrition, wellness, and kid’s lunch. With 11 video presentations and over 1,300 attendees, the event was a resounding success!  Parents loved Beyond the Lunchbox; 97% rated the digital conference as … Read More

It’s no surprise that during the COVID-19 outbreak, both internet and social media usage saw a major increase across the board. With millions of people stuck inside and millions more out of a job, many turned to their smartphones and digital devices to occupy their time. In fact, during the first quarter of 2020, the global average of broadband consumption … Read More