As we welcome in summer, it’s the perfect time to get ahead with back-to-school planning. Get your products into the hands of your target mom audience during this crucial time of year with a Moms Meet Sampling Program. From preschool all the way up to high school, this is the busiest time of the year for our moms as they … Read More

Moms Meet is the leading source of health-minded Moms in North America, with over 103,000 Moms Meet groups representing a reach of 2 million+ moms across the United States and Canada. Moms turn to Moms Meet’s  sampling, digital and social media programs to learn about and try better-for-you products and services. Our engaged, authentic mom community trusts Moms Meet to … Read More

Are you making decisions about new products based on authentic feedback from your key consumers before you go to market? If you do focus groups, do the participants show up because you’re providing a costly monetary incentive? Does the conversation flow freely and provide the answers you’re looking for, or does it seem staged? Just for laughs, here’s a funny video on how NOT to run … Read More