The Powerful Moms Meet Sampling Program

Moms Meet is the leading source of health-minded Moms in North America, with over 106,000 Moms Meet groups representing a reach of 2 million+ moms across the United States and Canada. Moms turn to Moms Meet’s sampling, digital and social media programs to learn about and try better-for-you products and services. Our engaged, authentic mom community trusts Moms Meet to help them raise healthier families, making them the PERFECT target audience for your brand!

See how our Sampling Programs work:

To make sure you have the most successful campaign, we geo target around your key brick-and-mortar stores, and/or your target demographics. We can also target Moms Meet online shoppers to drive traffic to the online retailer of your choice, including your own ecommerce site.

Key Program benefits include:

  • Creates broad scale brand awareness and product education
  • Geo targeted product sampling around key retailers
  • Drive Moms to brick and mortar and online retailers
  • Filter around key demographics
  • Drive traffic to brand’s website/ecommerce site and social media
  • Create social media buzz
  • Generate thousands of authentic online Product Reviews and conversations
  • Receive in-depth, actionable consumer feedback