We offer a comprehensive and unique marketing platform that can be tailored to your brand’s needs in both the United States and Canada. Opportunities include: establishing large scale awareness, product education and trial, social media, geo-targeted product sampling around key retailers, brick and mortar and online sales drives, live events, consumer insights, and much more.


Our Moms Meet Mom Ambassadors will try and review your products with their local group of Moms and provide feedback through surveys, photos, and online conversations.

  • Drive awareness, trial, and sales
  • Provide product education
  • Geo-target around key retailers
  • Drive Moms to online retailers
  • Filter around key demographics
  • Drive traffic to brand’s website and social media
  • Create Social Media buzz
  • Generate online Product Reviews usable on brand’s website
  • Receive in-depth, actionable consumer feedback
  • Become eligible to win the coveted Moms Meet Seal of Approval for your product


Our Mom Bloggers and Social Media Influencers will review your product on their blog and/or social networks, reaching an additional network of parents

  • Drive user-generated content
  • Generate Social Media buzz
  • Provide product education
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Evoke authentic recommendations
  • Generate online Product Reviews usable on your brand’s website
  • Drive traffic to your brand’s website and social media

Wow Summit

Introduce our Mom Ambassadors, Bloggers, and Influencers to your brand in our popular live annual event, hosted in different locations around the country.

  • Demo and sample products
  • Participate in the Blogger-Brand networking event
  • Provide product and company education and benefits
  • Increase brand awareness and trial
  • Generate Social Media buzz

Wow Bloggers

Brands and Bloggers meet in an intimate networking setting designed to create long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships. These live events are held several times a year in key cities in the U.S. and Canada.

  • Show products and tell your brand/company story
  • Demo food/beverage products
  • Provide product education and benefits
  • Generate Social Media buzz
  • Meet influential Bloggers and create lasting relationships

Kiwi Magazine

Expose our health-mind, passionate readers to your product through traditional ads, advertorials, and sponsored content.

  • Reach target audience
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Provide product education
  • Drive traffic to website
  • Drive sales

Consumer Insights

Leverage the power of our responsive and engaged audience that is eager to help your better-for-you brand succeed by providing detailed, authentic feedback on your product and services. Custom quantitative and qualitative research is available to help you gain a deeper understanding of your consumer and their reaction to your product.

  • Test concept, product, and packaging
  • Execute positioning/strategy research
  • Perform advertiser tracking
  • Determine opportunity analysis

Other Services


Our panel of moms will test formulations, recipes, ingredient changes, package directions, and more.


Does your brand have specific goals or needs? We’re always open to customizing our programs to help you succeed!


Communicate your brand’s message or special offer with a dedicated e-blast to our large database of Moms.


Drive traffic to your brand’s social networks and website through the Rewards Quest, a fun (and incentivized) way for our members to learn about your brand.


Drive sales with our Moms for existing and new products year-round with our high redeeming print-at-home coupons.


Gain further exposure for your brand by providing branded items or products as prizes in our Rewards Center.


Spread your message through banner ads on the Moms Meet and KIWI websites and ads placed in a variety of newsletter offerings.


Mobilize your strongest brand advocates and send them on special missions to deliver coupons and samples to their local community.


Build awareness and social media buzz around your brand and products through exciting social media events like our Facebook Live, Twitter, or Instagram parties, and educate consumers through informative Webinars.

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